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Formulator::ListTextAreaField::ListLinesValidator Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Formulator::ListTextAreaField::ListLinesValidator:

Formulator::Validator::StringBaseValidator Formulator::Validator::Validator Formulator::Validator::ValidatorBase

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Detailed Description

A validator that can deal with lines that have a | separator
in them to split between text and value of list items.

Definition at line 24 of file ListTextAreaField.py.

Public Member Functions

def deserializeValue
def need_validate
def raise_error
def serializeValue
def validate

Static Public Attributes

tuple enabled
tuple external_validator
tuple external_validator_failed = _('The input failed the external validator.')
tuple line_too_long = _('A line was too long.')
tuple max_length
tuple max_linelength
tuple max_lines
 message_names = StringBaseValidator.message_names+\
 property_names = StringBaseValidator.property_names+\
tuple required
tuple required_not_found = _('Input is required but no input given.')
tuple too_long = _('You entered too many characters.')
tuple too_many_lines = _('You entered too many lines.')
tuple unicode
tuple whitespace_preserve

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