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def Formulator::Form::ZMIForm::get_field (   self,
  include_disabled = 0 

Get a field of a certain id

Reimplemented from Formulator::Form::Form.

Definition at line 745 of file Form.py.

00745                                                :
        """Get a field of a certain id
        field = self._getOb(id, None)
        if field is None or not hasattr(aq_base(field), 'is_field'):
            raise AttributeError, "No field %s" % id
        if include_disabled or field.get_value('enabled'):
            return field
        raise FieldDisabledError("Field %s disabled" % id, field)

    security.declareProtected('Change Formulator Forms', 'manage_addField')
    def manage_addField(self, id, title, fieldname, REQUEST=None):

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