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Formulator::Field::ZMIField Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Base class for a field implemented as a Python (file) product.

Definition at line 321 of file Field.py.

Public Member Functions

def __getitem__
def __init__
def generate_field_key
def generate_subfield_key
def get_error_message
def get_error_names
def get_i18n_domain
def get_orig_value
def get_override
def get_tales
def get_value
def has_value
def index_html
def initialize_overrides
def initialize_tales
def initialize_values
def is_required
def isTALESAvailable
def manage_afterAdd
def manage_beforeDelete
def manage_edit
def manage_edit_xmlrpc
def manage_messages
def manage_override
def manage_tales
def manage_tales_xmlrpc
def need_validate
def render
def render_from_request
def render_sub_field
def render_sub_field_from_request
def render_view
def title
def validate
def validate_sub_field

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 field_record = None
tuple fieldDescription = DTMLFile('dtml/fieldDescription', globals())
tuple fieldListHeader = DTMLFile('dtml/fieldListHeader', globals())
tuple fieldTest = DTMLFile('dtml/fieldTest', globals())
int internal_field = 0
int is_field = 1
tuple manage_main = DTMLFile('dtml/fieldEdit', globals())
tuple manage_messagesForm = DTMLFile('dtml/fieldMessages', globals())
tuple manage_options
tuple manage_overrideForm = DTMLFile('dtml/fieldOverride', globals())
tuple manage_talesForm = DTMLFile('dtml/fieldTales', globals())
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()

Private Member Functions

def _edit
def _edit_tales

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